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+10% visits after the first three months
+45% visits from facebook after the first month

KEYTILES 2.0 is coming!!

... and forming up a full analytics solution from this moment!


We of course keep the cool Realtime view! But from now you get all good traditional metrics too in a usual Dashboard fashion - designed for post analysis purposes which customers so far typically were using other tools like Google Analytics.


The good news is: you don't need to any longer!

And we will have metrics and features nobody else has!


KeyTiles is an online interface using treemap visualization; a specialized system for the measurement, processing and visualization of online content consumption, whose ultimate goal is to support decision-making under time constraints, thus optimizing the publication workflow and audience building.

This tool helps us instantly to get a quick overview of the requests from our users. And it's so colorful...

Othmar Wager - Desk Chief at Kleine Zeitung

Who is Keytiles meant for?

KeyTiles is meant for any organization running a website who wants to sustain and or increase their readership levels. Its beautifully simple interface makes it a pleasure to comprehend and use even for people with limited or no analytics experience.

This is the most beautiful analytics I have ever seen!
We love it!

Burda - Editorial team

What are the results I can expect from KeyTiles?


Typically one can expect an increase of over 10% in the number of visits from all sources after the first 3 months. An increase of 15% in the visits at a publication using KeyTiles compared to the publisher’s average growth. A 45% increase in the number of visits from Facebook after the first month of using KeyTiles.

You can immediately see the effect that an article's title or image change, a new article position, a post on social networks or a breaking news story have on the site's visitors.

Manuel Reinartz - Editor-in-Chief at Die Presse

How do I get started?

Simply let us know the URL of the site you wish to track and we will send you a small piece of JavaScript code to insert into your site. It's that easy!

Some of the organizations who have chosen us so far...

Axel Springer Axel Springer
Blikk Blikk
Die Presse Die Presse
Financial Times Financial Times
Hannover Hannover
Haugenbok Haugenbok
IrishNews IrishNews
Kleine Zeitung Kleine Zeitung
Mondadori Mondadori
Ringier Ringier
Styria Styria
Vianova Vianova
Premier Premier
Hegnar Hegnar