Your Key to Audience Success!

What is KeyTiles?

KeyTiles is an online interface using treemap visualization; a specialized system for the measurement, processing and visualization of online content consumption, whose ultimate goal is to support decision-making under time constraints, thus optimizing the publication workflow and audience building.

"You can immediately see the effect that an article's title or image change, a new article position, a post on social networks or a breaking news story have on the site's visitors."

Manuel Reinartz - Editor-in-Chief at Die Presse

Who is KeyTiles meant for?

KeyTiles is meant for any organization running a website who wants to sustain and or increase their readership levels. It's beautifully simple interface makes it a pleasure to comprehend and use even for people with limited or no analytics experience.

"This is the most beautiful analytics I have ever seen!
We love it!"

Burda - Editorial team

What are the results I can expect from KeyTiles?

Typically one can expect an increase of over 10% in the number of visits from all sources after the first 3 months. An increase of 15% in the visits at a publication using KeyTiles compared to the publisher’s average growth. A 45% increase in the number of visits from Facebook after the first month of using KeyTiles.

"This tool helps us instantly to get a quick overview of the requests from our users. And it's so colorful..."

Othmar Wager - Desk Chief at Kleine Zeitung

Who has choosen us so far - among others

How do I get started?

Simply let us know the URL of the site you wish to track and we will send you a small piece of JavaScript code to insert into your site. It's that easy!