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KeyTiles is not a business analytics tool. It is much more than that. It provides you with a platform which facilitates real-time decision making, and it transforms big data into interactive and easy to interpret tiles which take the user experience to a whole new level.

Google Analytics is similar to KeyTiles in that it follows traffic to your site. KeyTiles is more about enabling you to make quick decisions as to what to do about your site content. Being the editor of the Wall Street Journal and you immediately see that there is a traffic spike on one story. You will be able to put pre-selected ads there, move the story to the headline of your site, etc. Basically optimize areas of your site in the here and now. KeyTiles enables you to keep track of visits, trends and visitor sources of your editorial stories in real time.

KeyTiles is not just a web analytics tool. It’s a decision support tool for online news and magazine publishers, built on web analytics data. KeyTiles is not just for analysts, it’s for everyone in the newsroom.

KeyTiles is a one of its kind data visualization tool. It’s so colorful and interactive that anyone would love to use it for complex decision-making processes. It aids the user in remaining engaged and the best part about KeyTiles is that it’s easy to use and requires absolutely no analytics skills.

Mainly KeyTiles provides you with a breakdown of your website visitors. Also it presents which channels they were redirected from such as search engine, social media, sponsored content and so on. So if you see that social media is doing well but search engine not so well then you know you need to focus on search engine optimization of your online content. You are also able to see if an article is doing well on social media and then you can put it on your front page.

When you send us your name, email and relevant website, we generate a customer-specific KeyTiles tracking code and email it to you. After that your IT department can embed that code into your website.

By registering with us for a free trial, you can explore your business potential beyond any limitations and yet you don’t need to pay anything for such a premium service. We don’t ask for your credit card info before granting you access to the free trial so there is simply nothing to lose.

We would be glad to offer you monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions of our service, whichever suits your needs.

Our support team is always around to assist you in any such matters. Please feel free to contact us at support@keytiles.com and our support team will look into your concern ASAP.

Understanding all the features and the layout of KeyTiles takes only about 30 minutes. The on-screen explanations by using the "?" icon make it easy to get acquainted with our solution. According to our experiences it takes about two weeks until someone finds the best practices of use for themselves and gets a feeling of how the site and the visitors are performing.