Privacy policy

Goal of this page

The goal of this page is to provide information to Keytiles customers (website owners who decided to use Keytiles service therefore built in our tracking code into their website) about

  • what information is collected by Keytiles service,
  • how and
  • how this information is used?

Our customers (website owners) - especially in EU due to GDPR requirements - might need to know and share this information with their website visitors. We try to be very pragmatic on this page and hopefully very practical...

What information is available for Keytiles and/or what information is collected?

First of all Keytiles does not collect any personal information about your website visitors or any other information suitable to identify the person himself.

But of course as any other analytical tool Keytiles also has a key concept around being able to recognize somehow if a visitor of yours re-visiting your website (returning visitor) furthermore which pages of yours were visited during one continuous visit-session. BUT this fact is not handled on a personal base! What we can do instead is basically to recognize the concrete web browser of your visitor by using the well known Cookie techniques.

Besides these cookies the IP address of your website visitors are also necessarily available for Keytiles due to technical reasons - we can not avoid to get access to this information during the standard request-response HTTP protocol... DO we use it or how do we use it? That is a different question...

Cookies placed/used by Keytiles

To be able to recognize returning web browsers (your visitor is using) Keytiles is using Cookies.

It is very important to note that - unlike many other 3rd party analytics tool provider - all Cookies created by Keytiles service belong to your website domain and not to any of our domains like e.g.! And this means that any of our customers (website owners) - if they wish - can provide mechanisms for visitors to manage these Cookies.

In the web browser of your visitors the following Cookies are created/used by Keytiles:

  • ff_uvid
    This is the Unique Visitor ID generated by Keytiles. A randomly generated string value we use to uniquely identify this web browser (of your visitor) now and in the future.
    Valid until: 730 days.
  • ff_usvid
    This for identifying the current browsing session. The name comes from Unique Session Visit ID. This is again a randomly generated string value.
    Valid until: This is a "session cookie". So typically in most of web browsers until your visitor is not restarting his machine / web browser
  • ff_uslvid:
    Because of the behaviour of the above (meant to be) session identifier Cookie named ff_usvid we have an own mechanism to handle session visits better. The name comes from Unique Session Limited Visit ID. And this is again just a randomly generated string value.
    Valid until: 10 minutes
  • ff_1st_sess:
    If a web browser (of your visitor) visits your website for the very first time (by definition this means no ff_uvid cookie yet and now it gets generated) this cookie is set to '1' for that visit session.
    Currently this cookie is not really used anymore but still we need to mention it.
    Valid until: This is a "session cookie". So typically in most of web browsers until your visitor is not restarting his machine / web browser

Can I get rid of Keytiles cookies?

Yes of course!

PLEASE NOTE: all of our Cookies are prefixed with "ff_*" and again: belong to your domain and not any of ours! This means that if you wish to provide a mechanism for your visitors to get rid of all Keytiles cookies you just need to iterate over the Cookies you naturally see under your website domain and flush all of them which starts with "ff_"!

BUT of course if your website includes our tracking code (again) after such an operation was performed then the above Cookies will be re-generated... If you wish to avoid this happening it is your responsibility as website owner to find a way not to include our tracking code anymore for your particular visitor!

AND of course if you implement things that way Keytiles consequently will not be able to track visitor hits where the tracking code is not included...

What information is stored by Keytiles and how are they handled?

The following rules are applied by us:

  • Keytiles is a paid service. We do not have any interest to share any (of the above mentioned) data with any 3rd party services / companies. So Keytiles is not sharing any information with 3rd parties. They are just and only used for the Keytiles service.
  • IP address - which we necessarily access to - of your visitor is not stored in relation with Hit information Keytiles registers on your website but they might appear in our server side log files associated with Hit tracking requests made by your visitor. We only use this information (log files) if we detect any malicious behaviour in our systems which we obviously want to be able to avoid in order to provide better service quality. Typically logfiles are kept for 5-7 days but no longer than 30 days for sure.
    In these cases IP addresses might be added to "blacklist" entries from where Keytiles is not accepting any more requests for a while.
  • Cookie values - as described in more details above - are essential parts of our service and therefore they are always associated with every particular Hit information Keytiles registers on your website. This information is stored in our database.

More questions?

In case you have more questions please contact with our support!